what to expect

Start the transfer process

GUNTRY will contact your seller and send them a copy of our FFL. GUNTRY will notify you when your firearm is ready to begin the transfer process.

We will contact the FBI NICS to finalize the transfer. The fee for this is $50. Discounts may apply.
*Additional steps required for handgun transfers. They are outlined after you submit this form.

Helpful Notes

  1. Police Officers and Retired Veterans do not need a State Issued Handgun Qualification License (HQL).
  2. ALL customers purchasing a handgun are REQUIRED to complete the form 77R.
  3. The Maryland State Police website address is mdsp.org
  4. A direct link to “MSP Portal”
  5. Forward the email you receive from the Maryland State Police that contains your application and pin number to ffl@guntry.com

    The fees for transferring a handgun have an additional $10 application fee, required by MSP. Total fee is $60. Discounts may apply.

    Any Firearms which are returned to the Seller are subject to shipping fees, as well as the GUNTRY transfer fee.
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