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Full service firearms transfers.

Purchased a new firearm from an internet or out-of-state seller? We can help you legally take ownership with our easy, full-service firearms transfer service.
  • We handle most of the paperwork so you get your firearm faster and without hassle.
  • GUNTRY members, veterans and first responders receive a discount.
  • Non-members pay $45, Standard Members pay $40, and VIP and Law Enforcement/Military/Fire Members pay $35
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what to expect

Start the transfer process

We will contact your seller, send them a copy of our FFL, and notify you that it has been done. We will also notify you when your firearm arrives. Then you simply make an appointment to come to our Reisterstown office, and complete an ATF Form 4473.

We will contact the FBI NICS to finalize the transfer. The fee for this is $45. Guntry Members, Veterans, and First Responders automatically receive a $5 discount.
*Additional steps required for handgun transfers. They're outlined after you submit this form.

Helpful Notes

  1. Police Officers and Retired Veterans do not need a State Issued Handgun QualificationLicense (HQL).
  2. ALL customers purchasing a handgun are REQUIRED to complete the form 77R!
  3. The Maryland State Police website address is
  4. A direct link to the “MSPPortal”
  5. Forward the email you receive from the Maryland State Police that contains your application and pin number to Neil Kravitz at

    The fees for transferring a handgun have an additional $10 application fee, required by MSP.Total fee is therefore $60.00 except for Guntry Members, Veterans, and First Responders which automatically receive a $5 discount.
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