• 25-Yard Range

    (Pistol Range)

    • All pistol rounds, including .50 caliber
    • Semi-automatic rifle rounds up to .30
    • AR platform: only .223/5.556, .300 Blackout/Whisper, 7.62x39
    • No shotguns allowed
  • 100-Yard Range

    (Rifle Range)

    • All rifle rounds EXCEPT .50 caliber and .338 Lapua
    • Shotguns allowed (slug ammo only; no birdshot/buckshot)
    • No pistols allowed

* No steel casing / core / jacket / armor piercing / trackers allowed in any range!

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  • If this is your first visit to GUNTRY or if you are bringing guests who are new to GUNTRY, please arrive 30-45 minutes early.
  • Non-members are able to schedule reservations up to 24-hours in advance.
  • Payment is required at time of the reservation.
  • Cancellations are required more than 4 hours in advance of the reservation time to be refunded. No refund will be issued if the reservation is cancelled less than 4 hours from the scheduled time.
  • Only two customers allowed per lane. Online booking only accommodates registering 2 lanes at a time (4 people), call GUNTRY directly at 443-973-4867 to make reservations for 3 lanes or more.
  • Please watch safety video and complete waiver before first visit to GUNTRY. Watch video.
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