Transforming New Shooters Into Confident Shooters

Whether you are looking to shoot for fun or self-defense, our experienced and friendly staff will teach you everything you need to know.
Basic Classes

Feel Confident Handling a Firearm

Our facility and training resources will arm you with the skills you need to hit your targets.
  • Train in a modern facility
    Our facility is clean, spacious and lively. It boasts a 25- and 100-yard ranges, a simulator and country-club amenities.
  • Learn from experienced instructors
    Our instructors are accomplished SWAT, law enforcement and military personnel who are recognized as experts in their fields and who love teaching.
  • Build confidence with training
    Learning to handle a firearm properly is paramount, which is why GUNTRY offers beginner-focused classes such as basic pistol and self-defense.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a member to shoot?

No, walk-ins are able to eat at the Café, use the ranges, signup for classes, shop the Pro Shop, use the simulator, and have their firearms serviced.

Can I bring my own firearm, targets, ammunition etc?

Yes, you can bring your own firearms, targets, ammunition and protective gear.

Do you rent firearms, ammunition, protective gear, etc?

Yes, we rent everything you need to shoot. Gear is also available for purchase in our Pro Shop.

Do I have to have my Handgun Qualification License (HQL) to shoot?

No, guests do not need an HQL to shoot. However, guests do need an HQL to purchase a handgun.

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“Being new to firearms, I found GUNTRY made things very simple. In a comfortable environment, learning is much better and sticks with you. The Café is unmatched with a delicious menu and affordable prices. GUNTRY is honestly a great place, whether you are on a date or with family and/or friends. I am very pleased!”

- Akrupal
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