We pride ourselves in creating and maintaining a safe environment.
Safety is our number one priority. We ask that all guests read and abide by our Range Rules, and remember that all federal, state and local firearm laws must always be followed.

Preliminary Rules

  • Anyone under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by a guardian (21 years of age or older), who must sign a waiver.
  • Shooters must be 18 years or older to rent long guns and 21 years or older to rent handguns.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited while on the range.
  • Eye and ear protection is always mandatory while on the range.
  • Careless or unsafe behavior is prohibited and will result in immediate ejection.
  • If two people are assigned to the shooting lane, only one is allowed in the booth at a time. The other person will remain one step to the rear of the booth, behind the yellow line.
  • NEVER MOVE BEYOND THE RED FIRING LINE! If you drop equipment over the line, request the Range Safety Officer’s assistance.
  • Anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol or prescription medication that impairs or affects mental alertness and/or coordination is prohibited from shooting.
  • No food, beverages, smoking or tobacco products are permitted on the range.
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers are encouraged not to be inside the ranges at any time.
  • Firearm instructors are prohibited from soliciting GUNTRY members/customers.


  • Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  • Always be aware of your target and what is beyond.
  • All firearms will be uncased on the firing line with the action or cylinder open and pointed downrange.
  • Do not load your firearm outside of your designated shooting lane.
  • Be sure your firearm is safe to operate and use the correct ammunition.
  • All targets must be placed at eye level.
  • Only shoot at your target; cross firing of targets is prohibited.
  • All firearms must be equipped with operable sights. Only aimed fire is permitted on the range to ensure the rounds are going directly into the backstop/bullet trap.
  • Only controlled fire (maximum three three-round burst) is permitted on all ranges. Rapid fire is prohibited.
  • Shotguns are only permitted on the 100-yard range. (slug ammunition only)
  • Shotguns without a shoulder stock are not allowed.
  • Muzzleloaders, black powder and black powder substitutes are prohibited.
  • Shooting from the kneeling position and the prone position are prohibited on all ranges.
  • Never pass a loaded firearm to another person. Place unloaded firearms on the bench in your booth and allow the next person to pick it up and load it.
  • Firearms shall never be passed from lane to lane. Firearms will remain in the booth and the person will switch from lane to lane.


  • Frangible, tracer, armor piercing, incendiary and all other ammunition containing steel are prohibited.
  • All rifle ammunition up to and including .30 caliber is permitted on the 25-yard range.
  • Ammunition up to, but not including, .50 caliber and 338 Lapua is permitted on the rifle ranges.
  • All ammunition must be boxed, and all magazines unloaded.

Range Safety Officers (RSO)

  • Range Safety Officers (RSO) are not operating as instructors. Instruction may only be conducted by GUNTRY-certified instructors during scheduled classes or appointments.
  • Upon the command “CEASE FIRE,” all shooting MUST stop IMMEDIATELY. Place all firearms on the shooting bench, step back behind the yellow line and await instructions from the Range Safety Officer.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you observe unsafe handling of firearms or strange behavior, please report it to the RSO or a GUNTRY employee IMMEDIATELY.
  • If a malfunction or stoppage occurs (firearm or ammunition issue) and you cannot clear the problem, keep your finger off the trigger, keep the firearm pointed downrange, stay in the shooting booth, and raise your non-shooting hand to signal a RSO for assistance. Do not leave the firing line/shooting booth with a malfunctioning firearm.
  • A shooter who continues to experience multiple firearm/ammunition malfunctions after an RSO has attempted to resolve the problem(s) will not be permitted to finish their course of fire and is ineligible for a lane/rental refund.

Law Enforcement

  • All Wear and Carry permit holders and Law Enforcement may carry their weapons, upon their person, inside GUNTRY.
  • Only law enforcement officers may draw from a holster and MUST be preapproved by the Range Safety Officer. All others must complete a holder-draw course provided by a GUNTRY instructor, for a charge, prior to being allowed to draw from a holster.
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