As soon as we’re born we start learning, and we don’t stop until we die. Some skills we can figure out on our own … like how to chew solid food or how to run.  Others we need help with, like learning to read or driving a car.

And while we learn many things out of necessity, what defines us are the topics that interest us: music, movies, cooking, sports. And when we choose to go deep into a subject—when we seek instruction from an expert in that field—we start to discover who we really are.

This is no less true of firearm enthusiasts.


If you use firearms, it is your responsibility to be properly trained and skilled. Additionally, it is critical that you understand your weapons—including their uses and the relevant laws.  

Sure, once you purchase a firearm (based on the pertaining state laws of where you live) you can go straight to a range and begin shooting. However, due to the nature of weapons and the danger they pose, it is highly recommended to engage with a certified firearms instructor before you ever shoot.


There are many instructors who believe they are “experts” in the world of firearms. But just because someone thinks they are an expert doesn’t make them so. When searching for an instructor, it’s imperative that you examine their experience; this can take the form of reviewing a resume, checking a list of references, reading instructor reviews and/or observing a class.  

With a skilled and experienced instructor, you will learn more about using your firearm than you ever would alone. Shooting weapons accurately depends on your grip, stance, breathing, climate and optics (just to name a few necessary skills). With quality instruction, and plenty of repetition, your trainer will help you create the good habits you need so you can hit the target each and every time.

Just like anything you do, if you have bad habits to begin with, you will only compound those bad habits as time goes on. Training is essential to correct bad patterns and put you on the right path.


When you own or use a firearm, it’s your responsibility to know how to use it safely. Shooting is a skill that requires instruction, and good instruction requires a certified and knowledgeable trainer.

GUNTRY has a team of experienced and dedicated firearms instructors who are all about providing exceptional training for both beginners and advanced shooters. If you’re in Maryland, we’d love to train with you.

But whether you choose GUNTRY or not, make sure you find someone who will help you hit your targets. And remember to never stop learning.